Monday, April 06, 2009

Obama again

as i write this the first quarter of the year is past and economic gloom has set in well. job insecurity is rampant and i keep saying to friends and family alike that this year the standard form of greeting has been changed from the conventional hi/hello to 'how's your job'.

obama has sprinkled some of his stardust on the uk during the g20 visit as a result of which the ftse rose a hundred odd points. nice. can we petition that we get him to visit the uk every quarter? being a staunch republican i am annoyed at the media coverage of michelle obama breaching royal protocol by hugging the queen. i was intrigued to hear obama use his full name, barach hussein obama, at a nato event last week. i expected him to shy away from using his middle name, but looks like the man has reserves of self confidence.

i have discovered that even in these times relationships are not that easily swayed. i had to make a good friend redundant in february and our relationship has withstood that.

a friend of mine runs a mcdonalds franchisee and he is naturally ebullient. he wants a recession to happen every year.

and on that upbeat note, au revoir.