Sunday, July 03, 2005

Roger Federer and the pursuit of excellence

just watched Federer win his 3 rd successive title and yes, its been a one sided final...which is good...because i would rather watch a genius at work, rather than two evenly matched players.. unless ofcourse both were of genius calibre. i dont think Federer is in Sampras class yet, but surely way ahead of the rest of the top 10 players.

business excellence is actually no different to sporting excellence except that it is expected to be sustained year round, whereas sporting excellence is dependent on the performance of the player(s) on that day. what is interesting is that sporting achievements are more closely linked with national pride than business achievements..maybe it is due to our cavemen days when we were dependent on our achievements in hunting to feed the family/tribe..

Bill Gates surely has a word or two to say about business excellence. he came across vey well, atleast to me, at the Live8 @ Hyde Park.

i am a little puzzled as to why he consented to come onto Live8...maybe because he is the world's foremost philanthropist and Africa is a good platform to be on these days...while Live 8 was a great event and did surely help in raising awareness, it has not presented any solutions to Africa's problems. those problems are more to do with the maturity of African governments, corruption, etc. than to do with more western aid to Africa.

in any case Live 8 was good to watch just for Pink Floyd


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