Tuesday, January 16, 2007

shilpa shetty on celebrity big brother

i watched this for all of 15 minutes,before boredom set in

to give some perspective on who shilpa shetty is in bollywood... shes not an A lister star like aishwarya rai but neither is she a C lister.. so she is pretty much part of the current Bollywood firmament, very well recognized and mobbed in India. No she's not a has been. she's an IS actress.

she seems lost on CBB and i guess she did not know what she was getting into when she agreed to take part. as to why a Bollywood film star mobbed by millions is taking part in this show, i guess the moolah CBB is paying her plays a small role ! after all isn't David Beckham is moving to MLS (who? :) ) for a meagre £128 m.

there have been some comments of racism by the other house members towards shilpa. i havent watched the show long enough(nor can i be bothered) to determine that.

one alleged comment about her had me in splits. and that was about her having an indian accent! duh. like what accent is an indian, whos lived in india most of her life, supposed to have?

there have been some (alleged) comments made by shilpa and also by the indian media about shilpa shetty representing indian culture and ethos on CBB.

hmm, Big Brother and Celebrity Big Brother arent synonymous with culture are they?


Pradeep said...

Hi Yadu,
Nice to see your blog up and running. Probably Warne and Shilpa gave you the inspiration..!!! Hey you think this racist stuff is increasing against Indians? Remember the remarks against call centre executives some time back?
Convey our regards to your parents.-- Pradeep, Bangalore

yadu tekale said...

no pradeep. i do not think this was racism. this was ignorance. this was stupidy. this was bullying. but i dont think this was racism. it is difficult to define what racism is frankly.

i also think minority communities in any country feel quite insecure about such things,in some cases deservedly so and in some cases not.