Sunday, June 10, 2007

Tony B's negotiating skills

I liked Tony B during the initial years of his office. he had charisma. that,since then, has leaked faster than a Roger Federer forehand. But to get to the point, i wish he read 'Negotiations for Idiots'.

when you sit across Putin and want to tell him you are concerned about their aggression.. Don't say, "people were becoming fearful" of Russia's foreign policy"!

Negotiation 101 says, DON'T expose your weaknesses and fears!

Tony B, which address may i post 'Negotiations for Idiots' to?

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Anupam said...

Can I request you to post one to Manmohan Singh too for making such poorly diplomatic statements like "..dont treat thia as a religious issue...india will provide all the assistance required in the investigation process..." concerning the bangalore doctors bombing ...In india he is feeling apologetic and sympathises with their family....eventhough Security is a larger issue here and you cant bee heard talking frivilously in this day and age on the international arena...And where did his heart go when it ought to have reached out to the army officers dying in kashmir...??