Sunday, April 22, 2007

inspiring people, and others

this is not about nelson mandela or stephen hawking.. enough has been written on such worthies..

a lot of people have shaped my life for the better... i am frequently conceited enough not to acknowledge that...time for a change.

Mr N.B Nair, teacher extraordinaire, godliness never came second to teaching, with him
Shyam Sunder Rao, Castrol, brilliant presenter, motivator, manager,entrepreneur and colleague
Rene Carayol, business guru,speaker, motivator.. when Rene speaks a packed hall listens and takes it to heart
Bernard Fisher, mentor and deal maker consummate
Beach Bum for showing that success and selflessness can go hand in hand
the person who followed me for 5 miles on the motorway to indicate i had a flat

Muhammed Ali for ' If you dream of beating me, you had better wake up and aplogize'

and a few more who have entered my life recently..

regret is not an emotion i indulge in, nevertheless, if i could go back in time and change a few circumstances, i would

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