Sunday, April 22, 2007

on Brian Lara

Cricket is not my first choice game to watch. that's tennis. Neverthelss cricket is a fascinating watch for me, not the least, for the spell it casts on a billion plus people on the subcontinent.

Brian Lara's retirement from the game will no doubt leave a void amongst the Windies. Brian made an insightful comment on asked whether he was happy with his 17 odd year stint in cricket. he asked the crowd whether he had entertained. and gave a big smile at the emphatic yes.
too often celebrity loses sight of reality. that it is the paying public that makes them. and can break them.

Joe Public in India and England, should leverage this to bring the cricket and football teams of the two countries to heel.

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manjira said...

Cant comment on Eng, but the public in india doesnt really have that much to cheer for & look forward too. for the man on the street, sachin & pathan will remain stars, no matter what the nature of their performance. vishy who has done the country a lot more proud than sensational sehwag, will always draw lesser gasps. cricket in india has ceased to b a mere sport & is a means of sustaining the dreams of a billion ppl & unifying them. we need the stars as much as they need us & thats the sad truth.